The Kinnitty Pikemen

As the winds of change and whispers of revolution swirled across Ireland in 1798, secret preparations were ongoing to forge weapons. In Kinnitty, County Offaly ( then known as Kings County), local blacksmiths, Johnny Daly, Jimmy Scully and Tom Curley forged pikes for the rebel croppies. They did this at huge personal risk, using whatever metals they could find, under the nose of the High Sheriff, Thomas Bernard of Kinnitty Castle. Eventually captured, the men were tied and flogged from horseback.

Our story catches up with the three blacksmiths, hardened from punishment and weary from the journey south. They have marched for days with their comrades, ready to face a terrible battle for which they were unprepared, but not deterred.

  • Johnny Daly

    JOHNNY DALY, bright and good humoured, normally the joker of the group. Having never seen action before, he is willing, but nervous.

  • Jimmy Scully

    JIMMY SCULLY, hardened from labour and punishment, realised that every Irish man was needed for the battles in the south and prepared for a long march.

  • Tom Curley

    Tom Curley is the solid, faithful companion to Jimmy Scully, always watching but seldom speaking. Like the quiet Tom, this stout speaks for itself through its hearty flavour and sharpness.