The Pikeman Story

In the summer of 1798, crushed under a brutal imperial regime, stripped of their land and their identity, the ordinary men and women of Ireland rose up and declared “no more”. Armed with simple pikes, they battled against hopeless odds for an Irish Republic based on liberty and equality.

Building on History

This is such an important moment in our history. These were farmers, labourers, blacksmiths and bakers – the ordinary people of Ireland who did the extraordinary. It sowed the seeds of the rebellions to come and helped shape the country we see today.

I love this history. I have a passion for it. But it is slowly fading from our consciousness. I comissioned a giant mural of the Kinnitty pikemen for the wall of my bar some years ago. People would notice and we’ve had some tremendous conversations. A lot of people were passionate and would tell me their local stories from their local areas. Stories I never heard of. And there were so many of them. My worry is that stories like these fade with each generation. It still amazes me how many visitors never heard of the Pikemen. I refuse to see that memory fade into time.

So I built Pikeman Brewing and offer these beers to remember the bravery of the ordinary Irish
people – the everyman warriors - who stood in 1798 in the pursuit of freedom.

-Kieran Clements, Owner of Pikeman Brewing

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