The Rebellion Begins

In the summer of 1798, crushed under a brutal imperial regime, stripped of their land and their identity, the ordinary men and women of Ireland rose up and declared “no more”. Armed with simple pikes, they battled against hopeless odds for an Irish Republic based on liberty and equality. Pikeman Brewing remembers their bravery and the seeds of rebellion planted by all who stood in the pursuit of freedom.

The Pikeman Story

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Our range of beers, including a full bodied red ale, a refreshing IPA and an old fashioned, traditional stout, are all developed and brewed at our microbrewery in Kinnity Co. Offaly.

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A History of Rebellion

The rebellion by the United Irishmen in the summer of 1798 is an incredibly significant moment in our history. This resistance laid the foundations for the many rebellions to come, and should be remembered just as much as our more celebrated history.

In Kinnitty, co. Offaly, Pikeman Brewing remembers the enormous bravery and spirit of three local blacksmiths, who risked everything for what they believed.

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